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Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!

How did you spend your day?  Ours started out with heart shaped pancakes, bacon, and cranberry apple juice in fancy glasses.

015For dinner we had Pepperoni Pizza, antipasta salad and pink frozen lemonades.  I cut the pepperoni’s with my kitchen scissors and made them into heart shapes.  Here is a photo before the Pizza went into the oven.

016Here is my son’s slice.

017Here is a photo of our festive table.

018We had a nice relaxing dinner and are now enjoying our chocolate cake for dessert.  I hope you all had a wonderful day surrounded by those you love! I hope I brought you some ideas for next year.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours.





Valentine’s Day is only 2 weeks away – what are your traditions?

I like to celebrate the holidays as they come.  I try to decorate my home a bit for each holiday and season.  This year I have been trying to use what I have and maybe purchase one or two more items as I go.

Today I decorated my mantel for Valentine’s Day.  Here is a photo:

008I want to make some throw pillow covers for the pillows on my couch but have not come up with a creative idea that I like.  I will keep searching and I am sure to come across something crafty, red, and cute.

On Valentine’s Day, I make heart shaped pancakes for breakfast.  I will usually make sure we have some sort of red juice and of course strawberries and whip cream for the pancakes.  For dinner I make pizza – and cut the pepperoni into heart shapes and will serve some sparkling cider to drink.

Valentine’s Day would not be complete without chocolate, so for dessert I will make chocolate brownies with heart shaped powder sugar on top.

Each of my sweethearts will receive a little gift from me for Valentine’s Day.  I have not yet decided what that will be — just something simple that says I love you!!!!

What are your Valentine’s Day traditions?