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How To Clean A Granite Composite Sink

I live in an area where the water is hard and calcium builds up and causes white rings/stains on my sink.  Since my sink is a dark grey granite composite these marks are very noticeable.  Here is what my sink looked like before the cleaning.

008I had tried everything even vinegar but that left a film. ¬†I researched on the internet and when I found out the “secret” I was amazed that it could be that simple and inexpensive, not to mention without harsh chemicals.

Here is what I use to clean my sink. ¬†Can you tell what the “secret” item is?

009It is not the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, all though this is an amazing device, it is the baby oil!

So here is how I clean the sink:

Step 1 Рclean the sink with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  Make sure to get all of the stuck food items, etc. off and rinse the sink well.

011Step 2 –¬†spray Windex on your faucet fixtures and whip them down with a clean cloth. ¬†I use old washcloths as they are very absorbent and don’t leave fuzzes. ¬†Once the fixtures are clean, use the same cloth to dry out the sinks. ¬†Make sure they are very dry.

013Now you may think you are done, however, once the sink sits for a while those nasty white marks appear again.  So here is where the magic happens.

Step 3 –¬†Pour a little baby oil on a clean dry cloth – about the size of a quarter. ¬†Use a clean cloth – not the same one you used to dry your sink as water and oil don’t mix and you won’t get the same effect. ¬†Rub the sink down with the baby oil rag. ¬†Don’t be¬†afraid¬†to use a little elbow grease here. ¬†I typically will wipe down the divider of the sink, then the sides of the left sink. ¬†I then apply another quarter size of baby oil and wipe the sink bottom and the sides and sink bottom of the right sink. ¬†That is all you need as you don’t want it to be to oily. ¬†Here is the finished product:



My sink will usually stay this way for about 2 Р3 months.  Then I will go through this process again.  In between treatments, I will usually give my sink a wipe down with my dishtowel after the evening dishes have been cleaned up and put in the dishwasher.  This way my sink is dry and clean and I put out fresh dishtowels for the next day.

I hope you have found this information useful.  To clean my granite counter-tops I found this product at Target. I works wonders and it often on sale for a good price.


Monday Musings (on Wednesday) – Housecleaning Part 3

Monday I was so busy with my knitting marathon that I did not have time to post about my housecleaning progress.  Tuesday I had Oma (Grandma) duty and was spending the morning with my dear, sweet granddaughter.  Now it is already Wednesday, where does the time go????

The fact that life gets in the way of the best laid plans is something that will never change, it is how we respond to the things that get in our way that determines how we live our life. ¬†I try to “roll” with the punches and make the best of each day. ¬†To do this, I find that organization is key and that is why I am developing my Housecleaning binder so that I can stay on top of what needs to be done.

So far my binder contains:

My Weekly Cleaning list

My daily cleaning list

Cleaning tasks that need to be done once a month

Cleaning tasks that need to be done twice a year

I am now moving on to breaking  the rooms of my house into separate areas and listing what I would like to deep clean in each one.  I will focus on one room a month and by the end of the year I will have deep cleaned each room in my home, as well as, keeping my weekly cleaning down to 1 hour per week.  No one wants to spend the precious weekend time we have cleaning all day.

I do realize that some of you work in an office and can not dedicate a day to clean during the week. If this is true for you, I would recommend breaking the weekly tasks up and doing one or two each day during the week.  This way your house still gets cleaned and you are not a slave to the process. You can add your monthly cleaning chores onto the ones you do each day, or add them to the time you spend cleaning on the weekend.  I usually add them onto my weekend cleaning day.  this usually only adds an additional 15 minutes to my cleaning time. I usually clean 15 minutes on Saturday and 15 minutes on Sunday.

For January I am focusing on my Kitchen.  Here is what my chore list for the kitchen looks like:


Wipe down cabinets

Wipe off top of refrigerator

Wipe off Knick-Knacks and declutter countertops

Scrub floor

Clean crumbs out of drawers and straighten

I don’t have many items on this list and each task takes 15 minutes or less. ¬†Since each month has a minimum 4 weeks I should not have a problem getting these done within my scheduled,¬†allotted¬†time frame.

So far I have wiped down the top of the refrigerator and scrubbed the floor.  I took last weekend off to participate in the knitting Marathon so I will tackle the following tasks on Saturday: Wipe down cabinets, wipe off/declutter my countertops, and clean the crumbs out of my drawers.  These chores will most likely take me 30 minutes and then I am free to enjoy the rest of my weekend.

Stay tuned for next week when I post my progress and show you the Family Room detailed list.





Monday Musings – Housecleaning Part 2: Monthly cleaning list and twice a year cleaning list

So in an attempt to stay organized, I purchased this 3 ring binder from Target.  I love the Owl pattern (I am very much obsessed with owls lately).  006Into the binder I put my weekly cleaning list (vacuum rugs is crossed off as I had the remainder of my carpeting taken out and now all I have is hardwood floors) and my daily cleaning list.  I have them in sheet protectors so I can use a dry erase marker to mark off the items as I go.  This is what my lists look like Рyou will need to customize yours to your home. The weekly cleaning list takes me about one hour to do РI do these on Friday mornings.

007The next page in my binder will be my Monthly Cleaning List.  Here is what I put on mine:

Scrub tubs and shower stall walls

Wipe down all baseboards

clean window sills

clean shudders

wash throw rugs

wipe out microwave and toaster ovens

wipe out oven

wipe out refrigerator – throw out old items

wipe down ceiling fans and light fixtures


Also on this page is my “to be done twice a year” list. ¬†My list looks like this:

remove all window screens and wash windows

wash items in china cabinet

clean oven 008


My goal is to choose one or two of the items on my monthly chore list to do each weekend. Breaking the cleaning down into manageable time increments makes it easier to stay on top of things rather than always trying to play catch up and then spending the whole weekend cleaning.

Next Monday I will start to break the rest of my house into sections – focusing on deep cleaning one room a month. ¬†Stay tuned…….




Monday Musings: Housecleaning – Where do I start?

Well January 1 has come and gone and I am sure many of you have included getting organized and cleaning to your list of New Year’s resolutions. ¬†I have tried many ways to keep on top of the housecleaning and laundry, in addition to working, and not having to spend the whole weekend cleaning the house and attacking Mt. Washmore (laundry piles).

I chose one day of the week, currently that day is Friday and I spot clean the main areas of the home. (www.Flylady.net  has a great method for this and for breaking your house into manageable zones)

Here is what I do on Friday:

Empty all trash

dust/swiffer the floors (I have hardwood floors and use the swiffer vac which is great!)

Mop the laundry room and bathroom floors

Shake out the throw rugs

clean the sink and toilets

Wipe down the shower doors

clean all mirrors (all our rooms have mirrored closets)

change sheets

change out the bathroom towels

sweep down the entry way

wipe down the front door and change decor if needed

During the week I have chores that I do daily – they are….

wipe down the kitchen countertops and cooktop (usually after dinner and dishes are done)

wipe down the bathroom countertops and sinks/swish the toilet with a little cleaner and wipe down the seat (I use the Clorox wipes for both of these items.)

sweep the kitchen floor and dining area of crumbs is necessary

Do a load of laundry if necessary (never do more than you can wash, dry, fold and put away right away)

Doing these things daily/weekly keeps me on top of most of the cleaning. ¬†I have then made a list of items that need to be done once a month and things to be done twice a year. ¬†In addition I have broken down the rooms in my home (9 including the 2 bathrooms) and have a list of items that need to be deep cleaned to make each room perfectly clean. ¬†My plan is to tackle a room a month – that way if I only choose one or two of the items on the “room list” that gives me eight days (if you count Saturday and Sunday) or four days (if you choose to only do a weekend chore on one day and take the other day off). ¬†My lists are not to intensive and should be easy to manage.

Stay tuned for next weeks Monday Musing for the once a month list and the twice a year list. ¬†I recommend checking out the Flylady website as she also has a method to declutter your home. ¬†Her system is a little to intense for me and I am an all or nothing type of gal so I was always feeling behind in her system….. so I have adapted my own.

Let me know your thoughts and also let me know if you have come up with a system that works for you!