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Idyllwild Women’s Weekend

Hello All!!!!!!!!!!!  I am back from the women’s weekend and it was very nice.  My Mom and I have been attending for three years now and both said this weekend was not as relaxing as those in the years past, but the two of us had fun exploring the town and working on our projects.

We stayed at the Idyllwild Inn which used to be a bed and breakfast but now we have themed rooms with access to a full kitchen.  Each group takes turns making a meal.  Mom and I teamed with some of the other ladies and made breakfast.  Our room had a western theme.


2013-03-23_11-32-57_784In the past we have stayed in the Spring room and the Fall Room.  So far we like the Fall room the best.

Though we did knit, craft, and crochet I did not finish the brown crochet shrug.  I am still working on the last sleeve and then need to put it all together.  Mom was working on a lime green sweater and needed to purchase more yarn.  Here is our little knitting circle.


My mom is the one closest to the lamp

As you can see – some had their lap tops and ipads.  Many of the women just came to drink wine and socialize which is fine, but do you now what happens when a group of women get together and have toooooo much wine???? It gets very loud.  Hence the not so relaxing part of the weekend.

Overall – it was nice.  Mom and I decided that we would give it one more shot next year and plan to sit on the patio or on the upstairs balcony if it gets too loud.  To bad – as out of the 20 women that went only about 6 of us were crafting.  Maybe the 6 of us need to start our own retreat of sorts.





TTFN – Ta Ta For Now

Well the time has come – Idyllwild “Stitch and Bitch” weekend.  This is the third year my Mom and I are attending this event.  Basically it is a group of about 15-18 women who rent a Bed and Breakfast for the weekend and craft and chat.

The location is in Idyllwild California and the rooms each have a different theme.  This year we are in the Western Room.  We take turns making dinners and breakfasts as a group.  There will of course be wine, wine, and more wine.  🙂

It is a really nice getaway and I have time to devote to my knitting projects, and of course, catch up with my Mom.  I already posted about the two items I am bringing with me here.  My goal is to complete the brown crochet sweater and to make a huge amount of progress on the pinkish knit top.  My Mom is knitting a lime green sweater vest. She was so excited when her yarn arrived that she started knitting right away.  I thought she may have it finished before we left. LOL

Well I better run, Time to pack and get things ready.  I will post pics and a recap of the trip on my return.

Tshuss!!!!!!! (Bye in German)


Idyllwild Women’s Knitting and Crafting Retreat

As you can see by my countdown calender there are only 2 more days until my weekend getaway.  I have been at a loss as to what projects to take with me.  I have finally decided on two.  A crochet cardigan/shrug that I have been working on and the knit top that I had started years ago, but had to open up due to having lost my interest and place in the pattern.

First the Crochet Cardigan –

2013-03-20_19-41-20_985The pattern is from Drops Design and if you have not yet checked out their website you should.  They have tons of free knitting and crocheting patterns.  I am using Lion Brand Cotton Ease yarn in a chocolate brown shade.  I have already finished the back and one front side.  I have the other front side and the sleeves to finish.  The pattern is a bit confusing, but I am determined to see it through to the end.  I know I will finish this project while we are gone.

The knit top –

2013-03-20_19-41-52_80It is a beautiful pattern and I ordered the exact shade and yarn as indicated in the pattern.  The top has many different cables worked at the same time as increases and decreases for the neck and sleeves.  I started knitting this before I was smart enough to take notes in a notebook as to alterations I had made to the pattern and where I was in the pattern when I put the work down.  If you don’t have a knitting notebook – I highly recommend one.   I have decided to make the top not so revealing on top but other than that to keep it the same.  I plan on starting this pattern this weekend as well.

I will post photos and updates once I return.


Knitting and Crafting Marathon Update

So I did it!!!!!  What did I do?!?  I participated in my very first every Knitting Marathon and knit 24 hours in two days.  I knit 12 hours on Sunday, January 20 and 12 hours on Monday, January 21.  I completed the following items during this time:  One pair of socks, sun hat, dishcloth and dish towel, one slipper.  Here is a photo of my completed items:

008A special thank you to the blog: Not Your Average Zoe for including me in her Marathon.  What a great way to “Stash Bust” which is one of my 2013 goals.

I am going to finish the other slipper (photo top right) and then will be looking forward to the next Marathon.  Happy Knitting!!!!!



Knitting and Crafting Marathon – Update

I had to change the dates on my Knitting and Crafting Marathon to January 20 and 21.  (On the 22nd I have Grandma duty and would not be able to knit).  So far today, January 20, I have knit for 8 hours and I have made the following items:

Sun Hat –



One sock –

018The other sock is on the needles right now. Back to knitting!


Finally Off the Needles – Scoodie

Weill I finally finished the Scoodie.  I can’t believe how long it took to finish.  I just kept losing interest in this project. I altered the pattern a bit as the directions for the loop stitch asked for one loop stitch one knitted stitch and this made the loops to loose and they kept slipping through and leaving large holes.  I am glad I altered the pattern – it didn’t even alter the final outcome, but made it so much more enjoyable to work.

TIPS:  Don’t be afraid to alter a pattern to make it more to your liking.  Also, be sure to take notes as you knit.  I have purchase a notebook that I keep with my work in progress so that I can note what row I am on, how many increase/decreases I have made, and if I have altered a pattern I make note of that as well.

Here are photos of the finished project.


Knitting and Crafting Marathon Coming Up – January 21 and 22

……the time is getting closer and I am so excited to participate in my first ever Knitting and Crafting Marathon.  I first read about it here and also at Cheryl Marie Knits  I am slowly getting the items together that I want to work on.

004I belonged to several “Kit” of the month clubs and/or Hook and Needle clubs and have collected many projects along the way.  I am finally stash-busting this year and hope to complete several of these items during the marathon.

My next step is to make sure I have all needles, stitch markers, etc. that I need to complete each item.  Then I will be all set to start.  Is any one else participating?

On the Needles – Scoodie (continued)

Well the loop stitch has been knitted! A BIG thank you to For the Knit of It for the You Tube link to the stitch.

001The problem I had was that between each loop stitch was a regular knit stitch.  This made the work to loose and the loop stitches kept turning into be holey stitches.  I modified the pattern and knit a loop stitch in each stitch with a row of knitted stitches between each of the 4 rows of loops.  It looks just like pattern.  Don’t be afraid to modify a pattern.  I am now moving on to the hood part of the Scoodie.  I hope to complete this before I start my Knitting Marathon on January 21 & 22.


On the Needles – Scoodie – I need help!

I finally finished the 330 rows and now I am trying to knit something called a Loop Stitch.  Here are the directions:

Insert RH needle into next stitch as if to knit, bring yarn between the needles to front, wrap under and over thumb of left hand to form a 1-inch loop and bring yarn to back between needles.  Insert needle into same stitch again and knit stitch, then slip first stitch of loop stitch over 2nd stitch to leave 1 stitch on RH needle.

So I understand the directions just fine, however, when I knit these loops the stitches are so loose that the loops don’t want to stay put.  They keep slipping and end up looking like big holes.

Has any one ever knitted this stitch?  Any tips or suggestions?  It is supposed to look like fringe along the bottom of the scarf and along the edge of the hood.

017Fellow bloggers please help out if you can?