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Thursday Thrift Store Finds

Today I stopped by one of our local thrift stores.  As with any of these stores – it is hit and miss.  What I was looking for was some juice classes – preferably a bit retro – but alas there were none to be had.

I then took a look through the clothing section and low and behold….. I found these:

001Perry Ellis Shoes – $6.00

Chadwicks Silk Blouse – $4.00

Daila Collection Linen Pants – $4.00

Beaded Handbag – $4.00

Total: $18.00

I am very pleased with my purchases – everything fits well and there are no stains or even scuff marks on the shoes.  In keeping with my Seamless Challenge – I think I did quite well.

My work life will be changing shortly and I will need to spend more time in the office so these items will come in handy.