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Yo Gabba Gabba Book

My granddaughter is infatuated with Yo Gabba Gabba!  For those of you without little ones in your life, you may not even know what this is.  Yo Gabba Gabba is a children’s TV show that stars D.J. Lance and his magical boombox.  The Yo Gabba Gabba figures emerge from his boombox and entertain with song and dance.  Each character has their own background, songs, etc.  When I saw the book being made by fellow blogger, Project Four 14  here  I knew I had to make one for my little Granddaughter.

I wanted the book to be some what educational, as well as entertaining, so I incorporated some well placed learning tools along the way.

Here is the cover:  DJ Lance’s shoe with laces that can be tied and untied to practice the art of tying your own shoes.

2013-03-17_07-57-55_872The next page is the boombox.  Closed you can see the boombox – open the flaps and there is a pocket for the Yo Gabba Gabba finger puppets.

2013-03-17_07-58-06_8262013-03-17_07-58-16_1832013-03-17_07-58-26_433The next page is for Foofa.  She is my granddaughters favorite.  Foofa loves flowers.  On Foofa’s page the flowers are buttoned on.  This will help my granddaughter learn to use buttons. I placed the Foofa finger puppet on the page so you can see which one she is.


The next page is dedicated to Toodee.  He has ice type structures surrounding him. I placed his finger puppet under the ice arch.



The next page belongs to Muno.  He is a cyclops character and it looks as though he hangs out among the rocks and mountains.  To me the arch on this page looks like rainbow bridge out in the desert.  Can you see him on this page?




Next we have Brobee.  He is sometimes shown with a sad face.  I decided to make him happy to live in the forest surrounded by majestic trees.  I even designed a tree stump for him just like on the TV show.  Can you spot Brobee?

2013-03-17_08-00-32_591Last but not least, my favorite character – Plex the robot.  His page is the rocket ride page.  I sewed the rocket to a ribbon so it can actually move around between the pages.

2013-03-17_08-00-45_665I had such a great time with this project and I thank the blog Project Four 14 for the inspiration behind this book.  I hope you will visit her site and check out her book and let her know I sent you.

Working with felt is so easy and designing each of these pages was so much fun.  If you decide to make a book like this, please share your photos.  I welcome comments and questions so let me know about those as well.



The Dress and the Top

As promised, I had my photo taken wearing the dress I made yesterday from the Improv Sewing Book and the Top which was from a Simplicity Pattern.  I think they turned out quite well and in keeping with my Seamless Challenge – I had all the fabrics, thread, elastic, patterns, etc. required in the sewing of these items and the Improv Sewing Book was on loan from the Local Library.


002003 004



Improv Sewing

Earlier today I made this dress:

004I found the pattern in a book I checked out of the Library called Improv Sewing.


 This book is so full of ideas and easy techniques.  Basically you take your measurements and make your own patterns. Here is the page in the book that tells how to make the dress – 

009 The next item on my list is a skirt, but there are so many to choose from.  Here are a few of my favorites.011012



There are also many accessories such as these –




Appliqued Hat –






Neck Scarf –






Circle Applique Scarf –




The possibilities are endless!!!!!!!!!

Sew for me easy! Update – it is easy!

I am so  excited!!!!  I finished the top!!!! YEAH!!!!!!  I worked on it yesterday and towards the afternoon I was so frustrated – it appeared to be to big.  Story of my life, all that work and excitement about sewing for myself and then nothing.  I was just about to throw in the towel when I decided to walk away from the project for a while.  I went back into my sewing room in the evening and pinned the sides.  The neck opening was very large as it is gathered with elastic but I was still able to slide it on and see that it looked like it would work out after all.  Today I went back at it and finished it.  Here is a photo –

001I will try to have my photo taken in the top and post one with it on.  I just hate getting my picture taken – I always look so goofy – do I smile, do I show teeth, serious face, you know what I mean.

So then I was on a roll and took out one of the books that I had checked out from the library as they had a cute dress that had the seams on the outside – sort of a bit rustic chic.  I made a pattern out of a dress that I had for a long time, but did not like and made myself a new dress.  I already had the fabric in my stash but had not yet used it – this one was a nice red knit.  Here is a photo of the dress, I will try to have a photo taken of me in the dress and post that too.

004During this process my iron crapped out and now I have to purchase a new one.  I have had this one for at least 20 years.  Not even sure what to purchase.  My hubby says to go to Target.  Anyone have an iron they LOVE and would recommend that won’t break the bank?

Well back to the sewing room as the library book also had a cute wrap skirt that is next on my list!  I will post more about the book and show photos in a later post.

TTFN (Ta Ta For Now)

I am taking the Seamless Pledge!

Sewing goals for 2013 IT’S TIME TO GO SEAMLESS…….

I, Margareta, am taking the seamless pledge for 6 months from today: until June 25! You can read more about taking the seamless pledge here.

For those 6 months I won’t buy any new clothes or shoes, with the exception of undergarments. I will sew or buy second-hand everything else!

My reasons for doing this are:

1. I have enough clothes

2. Sewing for myself enables me to make things I truly love and not get drawn in by advertising and trends. (Plus I need the sewing practice)

Who else wants to join in? One of the blogs I follow is joining in – you can read about her pledge here.

Sew for Me – Easy!

Well it is easy according to Simplicity Pattern 2032.   What you don’t know is that I can knit and crochet up a storm.  I can make jewelry and have even made sculptures out of cork.  I can paint and I like to cook and bake.  I can even sew for my home and for others…… BUT when it comes to sewing for me its – put on the brakes, back up the bus, don’t pass go, don’t spend money on that fabric as you know it will end up not fitting you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a personal goal this year, I am trying to not purchase any new clothing items.  I have PLENTY so no need to purchase anyway, however, I do have several patterns and fabrics that I purchased in the past and then chickened out when it came time to sew.  I have had the fabrics for so long that I don’t even remember what I bought them for in the first place or even how much fabric there is – LOL. (any of you bloggers out there have tips for cataloging such items – please do share)

I decided to jump in the pool and not be afraid to make a mistake.  I cut out the pieces to pattern 2032 and came across some fabric (not to excited about the print (purple camouflage what was I thinking) but I guess that makes it safe – you know – in case I screw it up royally.

002I drew an arrow to the top I will tackle and the fabric is a t-shirt type of knit.  I will cut the fabric out tomorrow and will get sewing.  Maybe I can embellish it a bit with some cute trim or wear a cute cardigan over it.  Hey now I am getting ahead of myself – I better sew it first before I start planning outfits.

Throw Pillows

021A quick way to “redecorate” or update a room decor is with fabric.  I had made some pillow covers for my couch throw pillows that remind me to much of Fall. I like to redecorate my mantel for the seasons/holidays.  Now that Christmas is over I have gone with a simple white and aqua blue which reminds me of frost and clean crisp air.  So when I came across this fabric in my stash 

010I knew I had to make some updated throw covers.  The fabric has small white and blue stars on an aqua back ground.  Perfect for the current color theme in my living-room.

I wanted to be able to change out the covers so I made them overlapping in the back so that the pillow can just slip in and I did not have to use zippers or buttons for closure.

I started by measuring my pillow which was 14 inches x 14 inches.  I cut the front panel of the pillow 15 inches x 15 inches. Then I cut two panels for the back – each one was 15 inches x 9 inches.

011Smaller back panels: Turn over 1/2 inch on one of the 15 inch sides, press, and fold over again.  Sew this seam.  Do this again on the other small panel.   You will only need to do this on one of the sides as the other will be sewn to the front panel in the seam.



Once these seams have been sewn, pin one of the short back panels to the front panel with right sides together and raw edges even.

014Then repeat with the second short panel – again right sides together and raw edges even.


Now sew around all the edges.  Tip: Do not start at a corner.

016Once you have sewn all the edges together.  Trim the corners on a diagonal.  This will make the corner nicer when you turn the pillow case right side out.


Flip the covers right side out and make sure to work the corners so that they are square.  Insert your pillow.