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Signs of Summer #8 – Frozen Grapes

IMG_20130702_221355_315This is the best – lo cal – summer treat ever!  If you have not yet tried this, then you must.  Simply wash the grapes and put them in a baggie and freeze for several hours.  The outer shell of the grape becomes icy and frozen and the center will be slushy.  Great to take to the beach!



Signs of Summer

A sign that Summer has arrived here in So. Cal is that I am hanging my laundry out to dry.  There is nothing better than the smell of fresh, clean, air – dried laundry.

IMG_20130618_154007_692A temperatures continue to rise around here and head to triple digits, the air conditioner starts to be used more line drying my laundry does two things – 1) not using the dryer saves on energy costs that I can put towards the cost of the AC and 2) by not using the dryer my house stays coolers since my dryer is in the house.  Its a win – win situation!

Welcome Summer!!!!!!!!