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Thursday Thrift Store Finds

Today I stopped by one of our local thrift stores.  As with any of these stores – it is hit and miss.  What I was looking for was some juice classes – preferably a bit retro – but alas there were none to be had.

I then took a look through the clothing section and low and behold….. I found these:

001Perry Ellis Shoes – $6.00

Chadwicks Silk Blouse – $4.00

Daila Collection Linen Pants – $4.00

Beaded Handbag – $4.00

Total: $18.00

I am very pleased with my purchases – everything fits well and there are no stains or even scuff marks on the shoes.  In keeping with my Seamless Challenge – I think I did quite well.

My work life will be changing shortly and I will need to spend more time in the office so these items will come in handy.

Improv Sewing

Earlier today I made this dress:

004I found the pattern in a book I checked out of the Library called Improv Sewing.


 This book is so full of ideas and easy techniques.  Basically you take your measurements and make your own patterns. Here is the page in the book that tells how to make the dress – 

009 The next item on my list is a skirt, but there are so many to choose from.  Here are a few of my favorites.011012



There are also many accessories such as these –




Appliqued Hat –






Neck Scarf –






Circle Applique Scarf –




The possibilities are endless!!!!!!!!!